Thursday, August 3, 2017

They came and took me away boo hoo boo hoo

Hello everyone, been a while since I blogged, things have been the same for me ... one thing going wrong after another, which I will tell you about later right now I am grateful to be at home now, after slipping off my walker in my front yard on Tuesday full SLAMMO my tush met concrete sidewalk, while pulling weeds waiting for the bus. I went to my Cardiologist to go over the stress and Lexicon tests. The stress/Lexicon tests were FABULOUS! As long as I take all of my medications the way the doctors tell me I am holding my own or getting...dare I say getting better!
THEN while waiting for the bus to go home a lady in the waiting room stated she was waiting also. Well the bus pulled in and I turned to her and said this bus has both logos on it! So I went ahead and asked the driver, nope only me so I turned to tell her and she was right in the door of the doctor offices. I repeated what the driver told me and the next thing I remember is 6 Cardiologists standing over me and the entire waiting room as a cheering section!!
The doctors were sweet trying to keep the sun out of my eyes while all debating what to do. that is when their Nurse came out and said "Do not touch her the ambulance is on the way, I called 911. This is when I realized I hit the cement full body SLAM on on my back. I could not move my arms, legs, head nor talk! I know I could see because I peeked out at the blazing sun.
Any way short story long I spent a day and a half in St. Mary's Hospital had CT scans of my nugget and neck, x-rays of my full body and the staff told me I miraculously broke nothing! I told them with all this fat I am sure I bounced! One doctor said " Honey don't even think like that" (he would not fit in my pocket to take home). My ponytail that I really did not like...they said saved me from not only a concussion but a fractured skull! I guess I traumatized my bus driver and the lady in the door waiting for her bus!!!
I thank my Great friend Pat for coming to my side even though she could barely see through her dilated eyes, and my brother for coming all the way from Trenton then waited at the wrong hospital for an hour and a half (they told him Garden City, but the EMS said too much trauma my blood pressure in both arms was 80/60 and 76/59).
So off to St. Mary's any way he was a bit rattled and called every hospital he could thing of and found me, and stayed until my doctor (per phone calls from the ER said to admit me). She came this morning and released me. She allowed one good shot of Morphine and I slept all day. When I told her I would see her on July 31st and I had a ride NO BUS she smiled from ear to ear and thanked God for my friend (Pat Clancy). Same ol' same ol'...

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Chanukah Everyone!

Tomorrow brings us to the annual Festival of Light, Chanukah. This festival has so much significance in these trying times. Our civilized world seems to be crashing around us, maybe, just maybe God is telling us something. Do we need to bring our families closer to  God and His most Holy Son my Lord and Savior?

And I wonder how Jesus would have celebrated this most holy festival? Since this is a happy high holiday for the Peoples of Israel and people around the world, I will wish you ALL a Happy Chanukah.

And to all of my friends and relatives Happy Chanukah!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mom to the rescue...

Okay funny for the day...I heard Twinkle Toes playing in a box at the end of my bed.

She started to make a real ruckus and I thought she was trapped in the box. So good Mom that I am I opened the box with my grabber

Only to turn around and see her staring at me with a funny look in her pretty golden eyes.
I was glad she was okay and could not stop laughing at the circumstance!!

MOM to the rescue...

Okay funny for the day...Twinkle Toes was playing 

in a box and was making a real ruckus. 

I the concerned Mom opened the flaps and pulled 

the box closer and called her name...

I turn around and she is sitting there watching me 

go through her rescue with a silly look in her little 

golden eyes!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Utter and Profoundly Stupid...

U.P.S. yes the company that ships items around the world. They cannot get a package to my FRONT DOOR!!! Twice this week $142.00 yes that is $284.00 worth of meat from Omaha Steaks has thawed out because I do not use my back door (my oxygen hose does not reach).

Saturday, May 9, 2015

First Born Girl...

Now I would like you to take a breath, sit down and read this story...
A mother of 4 boys 3 brothers and an older half-brother found out she was pregnant once again. She was a bit alarmed at first, she had already had 2 miscarriages (both girls and the last one almost killed her). But everything was going great, though the April hail storm the size of soft balls turning the roof into Swiss cheese was a financial set back. The home owners association that her husband was president of came through and the neighborhood helped each other through this tough time. Mother’s Day came and went; it was very nice, the boys were on best behavior. Within 2 weeks she went into labor, took a bus to the hospital and contacted her husband at the office.

A baby girl, oh my gosh a full term baby girl, her husband was ecstatic and seeing his wife had named their last baby after him, he figured turnabout was fair play and named this little wisp of a girl after her mother, yes a little girl junior! Everything was going as planned when her mother went to her 6 week check-up and brought her little girl, the apple of her eye with her to the appointment.

The doctor said you are doing fine now let’s see this little “junior”, after listening to the babies chest, then her back, he closed the door and listened again. He asked her to come back to the office with her husband later that week. She did not understand but when her husband got home she expressed the doctor’s request. When they got to the office they came in, sat down the doctor put his head in his hands and started to cry. When he had composed himself he told her parents their little girl would not see her 3rd birthday. She was born with a congenital heart defect, the term he used was Eisemenger Syndrome, and it was fatal.
Both were in total shock this is not happening, God was not a cruel God, why? Well, her parents would not take this as a final answer and took their little girl to the local Women’s Hospital. They were given the same answer, take her home and make her life as comfortable as possible. Treat her as you would any little girl and let her live out her final days happy. HAPPY thought the parents, HAPPY? NO, this was not going to happen.
Her father sat down with pen in hand and started to contact his Army superiors that happened to be doctors, dentists actually but none the less doctors. And doctors always know other doctors, right?  This thought crossed his mind as he penned the pleadings for help or advice.
Months later he received a Christmas card from his direct superior from the Army, his office was in Buffalo. It was grim. Eisemenger Syndrome, he called it was fatal; an experimental surgery was in the works so experimental it had not even been attempted by the major surgeons in Buffalo yet. His words were “So sorry Mac, so very sorry.” As they read the letter they thought, not our little girl she was only 7 months old, yet she was showing signs of deterioration, no not my little “junior.” But looking at her they could see the blue pallor creeping over her face. This was a reality check.
That month they had again heard about the experimental surgery for Eisemenger Syndrome from a friend. Doctors in Minnesota had been successful and a team at University of Michigan was experimenting on dogs.

So her parents started checking out their options a doctor at a leading hospital right around the corner was just starting a protocol to help “Blue Baby Syndrome”. The most telling symptom is cyanosis a bluish pallor of the face. After writing a letter to the hospital they waited. A letter arrived from a member of the cardiac team and the answer was sorry, we cannot help. Her parents were dogged and went to see the cardiologists and after a meeting with the head doctor, he called his team together and said it was a no-brainer there could only be two outcomes she would make it or not, the later was a condition they did not want to discuss at length.
The hospital sent a telegram for another examination with the whole team after a meeting they were given the go ahead. The next few months were to be a whirlwind of doctor appointments her birth doctor came to the house weekly for her penicillin shots. No walking, no crying, no exercise in fact nothing except putting on weight. Her parents took her in shortly after her first birthday and told she was not making any headway no growth nor weight gain. The team gave a surgery date for the following month.

I think of life, as if tossing a pebble into a pool of still water and watch as the ripples go to a shore then continue back crossing each other making new ripples as the pool becomes still again.

August 31 marks the 59th year of the surgery performed in 1956. Oh yeah, this is my story, my life as a “junior”. I would like to say Thank You God and to my Mom for not giving up on me, and to all the friends and relatives that I have rippled through, on this journey my life. Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends that are Mother’s out there!
Kathy McQuillen

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Chuckle of the day...

Okay my chuckle for the is my ex-Kyle's birthday today (he passed away from pancreatic cancer 2-8-15) so I put my phone on "Do not disturb" and decided to sew a zipper in my McQuillen Gathering bag the one my cousin Tracy designed.

Well I do not have a zipper foot for my sewing machine...ARGH!

Hand sewing it is, first the threading of the needle. Every time I miss the needle with the little wire threader I say crap, Twink heads for her bedroom. I finally got the little wire through the eye and put the thread through the wire and pull, right.

HA the wire breaks off instead, as I sat looking at my cat Twink it reminded me of a Fawlty Towers episode for some funny reason!


Then I finally get he needle threaded and start stabbing myself at every stitch first the finger then my leg. Light bulb goes off...

I have an embroidery hoop somewhere. YEAH, not so much, the fabric is too thick at the beginning, back to stabbing myself until I can get to a nice thin bit on the gathering bag. Enough for now I got a whole 3 inches of a 17" zipper done.

Maybe tomorrow...